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As I had installed the Fujitsubo Exhaust Legalis Elegant with my IS250 RWD, it was only Axle-Back, not the Cat-Back. They come with muffler and Y-pipe.
My car IS250 RWD is using Fujitsubo Exhaust. The price that I got from my friend's garage was around $4,800. This price is including with installed.
I like their product whick provide very deep sound for my car. But when I got F-Sport Intake, I feel like little sound of Fujitsubo exhaust when driving over 3,500 RPM because the F-Sport Intake sound was louder than exhaust.
Overall, IMO this product is suitable for the once who do not need too much sound from exhaust but just want about a very deep sound as sport car and good looking of their full polish stainless steel. The most I like is the deep sound was coming at lower RPM. So, no need to wait for sound. Just start engine and move your car, you already hear the nice sound. I never test my car with dyno, but on their website, they claim around 5Hp (At Wheels for IS250RWD).
They have only model for Lexus IS250/350 which call Fujitsubo Legalis Elegant.
The installation is very easy. My friend and his worker install it in 30 minutes without any special tools. This product just "drop in" with the OEM Exhaust.

* I saw the adverstise claim that " Fujitsubo is the best selling exhaust in Japan. " *

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