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Rear Struts Replacement X-Package

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Hello All,

New to this group, just got my 2008 IS350 X-Package (Obsidian) and I am looking to replace the rear struts.. I have one that is/has failed.

Looking for the best options to keep the Tires Planted, and ride height in place on 18's without it getting Mushy.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated... thanks


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Welcome Vin,If not mistaken, the (XE) X Package included the same sport tuned suspension as included with the  (ST) Sport Package, which lowers vehicle 0.4 inches front and believe keeps the same height in rear as vehicle without the package. Vehicle with the (FK) F Sport suspension option, lowered vehicle .5 inches front and rear I believe.  

You could install the IS F suspension components. TOKICO manufactures the shocks for the IS F however, part number on OEM installed shocks differ from the TOKICO catalogue I believe;     TOKICO (06 - 08 IS250/350):  HX3797 - Front Right / HX3798 - Front Left / HX3799 - Rear Right & Left 

(FK) F Sport package components or the F Sport aftermarket parts; PTR13-53095 RIGHT AND LEFT REAR F-Sport shocks, are another option. 

Vin, if possible, would you be able to confirm your front / rear shock and spring part numbers, associated with your vehicle VIN with dealer or via search here, and provide the part numbers;  Lexus Of Warwick 

Im interested in installing the suspension shocks / springs installed in vehicle with the Sport Tuned suspension; (XE) X or (ST) Package, such as yours, but have no way of confirming correct part numbers. Any additional information would be much appreciated.



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Have since confirmed the following part numbers to be correct for 06 - 2010 IS 350 equipped with (ST) Sport package / sport tuned suspension;

48510-80257 - Front Right Shock
48520-59285 - Front Left  Shock 
48131-53171 - Front Spring (Qty: 2) 
48680-53031 - FRONT  upper strut mount assembly L&R (includes the rubber boot and spring insulator)
48530-80289 - Rear Shock (Qty: 2) 
48231-53151 - Rear Spring (Qty: 2)  
48750-30150 - REAR upper strut mount 
48341-30110 -  Rear Coil Spring Damper / Bumper
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