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2020 NX lane departure alert feature

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New 2020 Lexus NX 300 (1,200 miles).  
The lane departure alert and lane tracking features do not always activate when they should.  Any similar problems out there or is it something we don’t have set correctly?  Both features are turned on and they do work but not consistently on the same road.


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My is Nx 300 2018. lane departure alert feature was not working like it was the last few months. I can see the lanes good but not on the LDA. Beforethe car will correct itself before the tires is touching the lanes, but now the tires cross over the lanes in order to correct itself even I set High on the setting. I Brought it to dealer a week ago, at first the inspected the outside sensors, clean the camera lens then said there are nothing wrong with it, and also said there is no warning signs was on.  I asked the do the test drive. They said  itcs fine. I asked them keep the car and check the hardwares.  After a day, they called and said there is nothing wrong.  I drove it everyday, I know it's something wrong with it, maybe the camera was defective. I don't know what to do next.

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