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Cracked pre-collision/parking assist sensor

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Just purchased a RX350 F Sport.  After a few days of driving the rear camera stopped working.  Took it in to the dealership only to find out it's because the sensor in the front for pre-collision is cracked.  Not just cracked, like pretty much shattered.  The one under the emblem.  They told me it's all connected so I'd have to replace it at my cost because it's not a manufacturer defect.  I explained that it doesn't make sense that it's cracked with NO OTHER DAMAGE to the grill or anywhere else.  It's a 19 and it was sitting at the dealership for quite some time so it probably happened there.  They are accusing me of driving and a rock must have bounced off the road and cracked it.  Though a reasonable thought, my question was why is such a sensitive thing placed at the most forward part of the car?  AND why the hell is it connected to every other sensor system in the vehicle?  Anyway, they tell me it's 1700 to replace it.  I said I don't even have plates for the car yet and I just dropped 55k on it.  


So i guess my question to you all is this.  After a few days of driving it, it seems to be functioning properly.  I also think if I could somehow seal it again with a new piece of plastic or something my guess is it would work properly.  Any thoughts on this?  I'm really not in the mood to spend 1700 extra.  Worst case scenario I think I'll just trade it in for a different vehicle, not lexus for which hopefully they won't have these kinds of issues.  I told the dealership because if it's that easy to break this thing, I'm sure it would happen again.  Not willing to take the chance.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Is the emblem busted? If so was it busted when you received the car. I wouldn't pay $1700 for a new one either. First I would pull it apart and see if the sensor under the emblem is damaged. If not I would replace the emblem and go from there. The sensor is probably not damaged just part of the emblem is against it. If you do not want to tackle it yourself try a collision place. You can always get an emblem at a salvage yard.

When you pull it apart there should be a part number on the back. Use that to find one. They are about $125 on or any number of other parts places.  At the salvage yard it will even have the sensor attached to it and would be a direct pull and replace. 

You might even be able to just unplug it and leave it disconnected and have to others work. If you were close I would try to help you. 

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I agree with Mr CB.

That type of sensor is in the same place on our 2014 Mazda 3. We've had that car for over 6 years and never had a rock hit it. But then again, my highway use is mostly limited. 
Word of advice: If you can, avoid driving close behind anyone on the highway, but especially behind vehicles with off-road tires. If at all possible, I try to drive in a lane where the car in front is far away.

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If the radar unit is shattered and the grill isn't damaged, the previous owner might not have disclosed the damage when he parted with the vehicle.  He might have only replaced the damaged grill and/or the emblem in front of the radar unit.  

Don't even think about trying to repair it.  It's a part of the automatic emergency braking system (PCS) and adaptive cruise control (DRCC).  Malfunction of these systems could cause a crash.

My opinion is that the dealership should fix this for you if you just bought the vehicle from them.  If this magnitude of damage to the radar unit occurred after you bought the vehicle there would be obvious damage to the grill and/or the emblem in front of the radar unit.

If the dealership where you bought the vehicle won't take care of this for you at no cost, then pay to have it done yourself or submit a claim on your insurance.  When my wife "tapped" the rear mounted spare tire on a Jeep while driving her Prius, the cost of the radar unit, new emblem and alignment was well over $2,000 not counting the cost of a new hood and having the bumper cover repainted.  I think the total repair cost was around $4,000 although our insurance paid for it less our deductible.

By the way, the front grill emblems that go in front of radar units are made from a different material than the ones that don't and cost far more.  It's been shown that these two emblems are not interchangeable.



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I have to agree with 1990LS400 now. It appears he knows a lot more about the system than me. I probably would attempt to do a repair on it and cause more damage, lol. 

You should turn it in on your insurance and pay your deductible.  I wouldn't sell the car or trade it for this, that would be a big $$$ loss. 

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