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Extended warranty or not

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I'm just purchasing a 2013 RX350 with 62,900 miles here in Dallas. My big question. Should I buy an extended warranty on this suv?

I've owned 2 older Lexus before but the newer technology that is showing up in these cars and we're demanding can be expensive to fix. This being 7 years old things can start breaking and wearing out by now. I know the car will be reliable for years to come but will the new electronics last?  

Thanks for any feedback. 

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What kind of extended warranty could you get on a seven year old vehicle?  My opinion is that they usually aren't cost effective for a Toyota product.  Watch out for exclusions and large deductibles if you buy a service warranty.  I could have bought extended warranties at the wholesale price from the large financial services company I retired from but never did.  Few employees did unless it was for a Chrysler product.

We've owned a 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited since new.  It's mechanically very similar to the gen 3 RX350 - I call it the "Adult Size RX".  It's at 95,xxx miles and hasn't needed any non-maintenance repairs other than a few fixes that were done under recalls at no cost.  It's got every option and electronic gadget that was available ... HID headlights, radar adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, navigation, rain sensing wipers, rear video system, etc.  None of these gadgets have failed.

Verify that the RX you are buying has been maintained per the maintenance schedule.  Buy an extended warranty if it helps you sleep better.


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Thanks for the reply. I ended up going with my credit unions extended pkg. They had a 3 yr 36k miles for $1200, that covered everything that's not a normal wear item. Probably will never use it but just case and it give my wife a little peace of mind. The dealers same pkg was $3600. The dealer did have something that I went with. A insurance that repaired door dings, replaced lost or broke remotes, replaced windshield and paid my insurance deductible if I had an accident. Probably will use this since every vehicle I have has had to get a windshield rock ding repaired and one replaced that my insurance didn't cover. With this noise reducing windshield being over $1500 and they didn't repair rock dings but replaced the windshield.  I decided that this might be beneficial. Have a good day. 

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It's whatever you feel comfortable doing.  Here are some alternatives.

I've carried a zero deductible on comprehensive coverage since the early 1980's when I lost a bunch of Mercedes hood ornaments to kids stealing them.  The zero deductible means I haven't paid anything for the many broken windshields I've had replaced.  The difference in premium between a zero and a $500 deductible with my insurer is small and paying a little more to get it has been very cost effective.

Since your "new" RX is 7 years old, an insurer will probably require you to get a much less expensive aftermarket windshield.  Acoustic windshields are usually available in the aftermarket.  I've had the acoustic windshield on my Sienna replaced twice - first time with a $1,700 OEM windshield since aftermarket acoustic windshields were not yet available for it and the second time with a $500 aftermarket name brand acoustic windshield.  I can't tell any difference in noise level or quality.  Also, many insurance companies pay for rock ding repair even if you have a deductible on comprehensive.  My insurer has sent out a mobile windshield repairer several times to repair rock chips.  

There's a neat repair business near me called "Dr. Ding".  My wife trashed a car door by hitting it against an iron planter and created a huge ding.  Dr.  Ding removed that ding and a couple of others I hadn't noticed for only $50.  I don't know how they did it but I can't tell where the dings were.  While I was waiting for the repair, I talked to a guy in the waiting room who told me that he brought all the family vehicles to Dr. Ding once each year to have the dings removed.

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I wish I had gotten one but hey, a Lexus! I didn’t think I’d need it.

My 2015 rx350 now has to have a replacement part in the A/C.

cost, $1000 and they are not even sure that will fix the problem

It’s only got 60K miles on it!

I’ve had Toyotas and Hondas that went over 100k. With no issues. I’m very disappointed. 
any comments?

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