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Removal of Enform after Oct 2022

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On Oct 31st 2022 all cars from 2017 and before will lose their access to Lexus Enform due

to 5G cell service. Evidently there is no plan to update our cars to 5G. I don't know enough

about the technology, but my alarm service ADT is updating my alarm panel to 5G tomorrow.

I wonder if any of you are aware of this fact.

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I now know more about why that 2017 and earlier vehicles with lose their Enform services. Evidently with the advent of 5G, the cellular industry will

be removing 3G antennas from the towers they are now on. Our system uses 3G technology. However as I mentioned in my earlier post ADT just modified my alarm panel for LTE which is evidently will still be around. I would just like a clearer explanation from Lexus as why and maybe how much

it would cost to do the same for the communication eqpt in our cars. Anyone who uses Enform knows how useful it is and when we bought our cars we paid for the upgrade. I think Lexus owes us more of an explanation, then simply just discontuing the service.


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