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Need discontinued solenoid/hydraulic motor control valve for '99 SC400


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My mechanic informs me that the hydraulic motor control valve/solenoid for the hydraulic motor vane pump assembly on my '99 SC400 has failed.  The solenoid and the pump itself have been discontinued and are not available anywhere we've searched.  I contacted Lexus dealers and Lexus corporate and they were of no help.  We contacted wrecking yards and searched wrecking yards online, and nobody is familiar with these parts. They aren't even listed in the yards' online parts lists. Nothing on EBay.

The mechanic states that the car is basically useless without this system to cool the engine.  This is a beautiful car with only 73,000 original miles!  I would hate to lose it for want of this part.  Any and all suggestions are very welcome.  Thank you.

Part 16929-50050 solenoid.jpg

solenoid close up.jpg

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So sorry to hear that. My mechanic had my car for weeks while searching for a replacement part.  He finally located the entire pump with solenoid in a  totaled vehicle in California and had it shipped up. Car runs great now but it could happen again so I'll probably sell it. Lexus has no replacement for the part and told me they only provide replacement parts for 10 years. Bummer.

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Mine is also 99 SC400 (92k miles) and just noticed solenoid leaking black butyl sealant on the a/c compressor. Engine rpms drop very low once warmed up and only in Drive gear (stalls when trying to turn). Did you have the same with your car?  Can this solenoid be fixed? (replacing capacitors or something...)

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I didn't have the drop in rpms.  Lexus doesn't have replacement parts and told me that there's no way to repair it.  If my mechanic hadn't located a used part the car would have been ruined. Very disappointing for a company that brags about perfection.

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Model Number : 44320-30570
Solenoid Number : 44170G



Whole assembly available here:

Appreciate its a different engine but the solenoid maybe the same part, not sure if supplier can sell this separately or has a source for them back in Japan

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