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17 hours ago, Chrissie J said:

For the love of Lexus, can someone PLEASE tell me how to turn off the little 5 note piece of piano music that plays every time I start my engine?  

This is on a 2007 IS350?   Do you have a sound clip you can upload?

I know that it's possible to associate a music-like sound with a location in the navigation system of many vehicles made by Toyota.  Does this happen wherever you are when you start the engine or only at a specific location? 

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Yes, 2007 IS350.  I don't have a sound clip but can record it tomorrow.  It happens EVERY time I start the engine.  And its definitely piano.  Argh, when I first got the car I managed to disable it (along with the annoying Japanese lady who talked non-stop), but now I just can't find the setting to change after many MANY attempts.


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OK, I'm a little confused by your "lady who talked non-stop".  Is that happening now?  If so, what is she saying?

You didn't answer my question about whether the 5-note music plays only when you start the engine at a particular location or if the music plays no mater where you are when you start the engine.

The only "music" I'm aware of that the navigation system itself can originate and play is associated with locations - either your "Home" location or one of the "My Places" locations which are also called "Memory Points" in your navigation manual.  

If the music is associated with a Memory Point, then you or the dealer may have inadvertently selected one of the available "sound icons" for the memory point.  If that is done, the "music" will play whenever you near or are at the memory point associated with the location.  The reason I asked if the 5-note sound plays only at your "Home" location is that a sound icon can be associated with the Home location.  If that was done for your Home location, the "music" (bell, chime, music box, etc.) sound will play each time the engine is started when your IS350 is at the Home location ... but it won't play when you are not at the Home location and start the engine.

Information about My Places starts on page 70 of the 2007 IS350 navigation manual.  How to set sound icons is on page 73.

It's easier to view and search the owners and navigation manuals online.  They can be viewed directly in the Owners section of or they can be downloaded to a personal computer or even a phone if you have enough storage on it. 

Here is a direct link to your navigation manual:

Here is a direct link to your owners manual: 

One more idea about what could be causing the 5-note sound.  Some cell phones and some cell phone applications can play a sound when the cell phone successfully connects to a vehicle Bluetooth system.  For example, I have an application on my Android phone that automatically turns up the volume on my phone every time my phone connects to one of our vehicle Bluetooth systems.  When it has successfully done this, the app sends an audible notification that it has done this to the vehicle audio system via Bluetooth so that the sound plays over the vehicle speakers.  So ... could your cell phone or an app on it be sending a music sound to your IS350 audio system every time it establishes a Bluetooth connection.  

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Hi Jim

The japanese lady would speak on start up and when parking sensors beeped as well (in japanese) but I managed to find settings to disable her.  The piano music plays EVERY time the engine is started (video attached) at home, not at home, where ever I am so doesn't seem to be a home setting.  Also does not appear to be anything to do with my phone connecting, as I turned off the bluetooth today before getting in the car and turning it on and music still played

.  Thank you for your suggestions Jim.
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LOL, this is the !  "US" as in United States.  Japanese market cars are not allowed in the U.S. except after they are at least 25 years old and have been modified to meet U.S. standards. They can be imported to Canada but only if they are at least 15 years old.  Where are you located?  People using this forum are expected to be in the U.S. or Canada or at least have U.S. market or Canadian market cars if they live somewhere else.

I wouldn't have any idea what features are available on a Japanese market IS and I doubt that anyone else on this forum would.

Japanese market imports are pretty common in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Consider asking your question on the UK forum:

There's even a "Lexus Japanese Import Club" sub-forum there.


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