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How to fix the hybrid battery (with little money) on an old RX450h

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Hello there, I bought my RX450h in 2009 and I live in Europe.

I did more than 220K miles with this car. During the last two years I got some hybrid system malfunctioning issues: basically, during cold winters and hot summers the hybrid system stops working. Lexus service got it back to 'normal' by resetting the error codes and cleaning the battery vents. I was told that batteries needed to be replaced (around 6000 Dollars!). Last time I talked to the Lexus service guys, they told me there is an error code that cannot be cancelled (P0A0D). I wonder whether anybody has ever experienced anything similar or has some suggestions. In particular I would like to know:

- do you have the exact specifications/brand/model for a 2009 RX450h hybrid battery? I cannot find these details anywhere; I know an engineer who may be able to help me once I get the battery tech specs

- is there any cheap way to fix this problem? maybe replacing only one battery element may fix this issue; or cleaning some parts of it... I do not know

Thank you very much for any advice or help. Really appreciated.



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