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have a es330 in need of struts all the way around. Im finding Lexus struts to be prohibitively exensive. I hear KBY to be close to the Lexus ride but I can't find ones that come with springs. Napa sells struts with springs but I'm told they're made by Munroe. Im skeptical.  Can you share thoughts about the direction I should go?

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Hello. Have a 2003 ES300 with about 260k KMs (160k miles). Changed all struts with good quality "Assemblies" (Monroe type) which were already mounted on springs.

Very disappointed with ride now. The old ones rode much better even after almost 18 years !!!  If my mechanic hadn't thrown away the original assemblies, I would have put them back.

If your springs are not broken, just have the struts changed with KYBs. 

Surprised at the quality of these original parts on these cars.

Good luck.

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Went with KYB struts, springs, etc...lost 30% of my "Cush" ride. Corners a little flatter, but for the Interstates of the day, don't you want the Cush?  For my SC400, Lexus only wanted $3500 for their last set of struts...thought that unfriendly.  That being said, I'd look at all options in struts.   KYB's 'll work, but I fear you'll under-appreciate the ride--firm!



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I went with the Moog strut/spring assemblies to replace our factory AVS setup considering cost, and ease of installation. The Moogs cost me a little over $500 USD for all four vs OE AVS Struts which would have been over $3000 for the struts alone. Not to mention I'd have to deal with a spring compressor which I always find to be a hassle. The Moogs ride a bit higher than the stock setup it replaced and I feel like it could be a bit smoother, however the AVS setup was completely shot and the Moogs are a huge improvement in ride quality and handling. We've only had the car for a year so I can't comment on how smooth it drove new.

You may considering also replacing the end links while you're there, or at least have some on hand just in case. Mine were rusted out and the Hex head stripped when I tried to remove every single one of them. I wound up paying a premium to get them from the local parts store instead of buying some more reasonable priced (and probably better quality) Moogs online.

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