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  I am having an issue where the AFS light on a 2008 RX350 is blinking every so often and the AFS is not working.  The headlights are doing their dance (vertically and horizontally) on vehicle start up.    The light started blinking after I tried to change the drivers side bulb.  I was unable to get the bulb plug back into the headlight assembly and had to take it to the dealership.  They said the wire wasn't long enough to fit back in the assembly, so they replaced it.  After they replaced it, the light continued to blink.  We took it back and they suggested changing the passenger side headlight.  Do you have any suggestions on what the actual problem could be?  After reading through some of the posts on here. I checked the leveling sensor on the passenger rear wheel and that is in good shape.  There's no corrosion on the electrical plugs and I could twist the sensor easily in place.  I'm guessing it might be the light computer control unit, but I'm not sure.  

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