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I was doing the DIY replacement of a radiator and I accidentally unscrewed the front AC condenser line which I though was part of the radiator. This caused coolant to spray out. I was able to get it to stop but some did leak out. 

Did I cause any more damage that I may not be aware of or was !Removed! the bolt back the simple fix? I have no idea what it looked like before but it does not look like it is screwed back in all the way. 

Should it be flush? 

ac line.JPG

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If it doesn't leak and you didn't lose much liquid, I would suggest that you monitor it for a while before getting too worried. 

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If you look closely at the picture, where the two pieces connect, there is a gap that didn't close correctly because of the pressure coming out. If i unscrew it, will I be able to tighten it correctly with the pressure coming out or do I need to let it completely drain out? 

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I think it'd be worth a try, although it's hard for me to believe that the static fluid pressure is high enough to do this.

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