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What's different about the 1992-94 and 1995-2000 interior dash and center console parts?

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I found a real wood and carbon fiber dash trim, not genuine imitation wood, for my 1994 SC400 (automatic). Problem is that the company doesn't have a kit for the 1992-1994 SC300/400, just the 1995-2000 SC300/400. What would be the difference between the years for interior dash kits? Would only want to do the center console and overhead control panel anyway, Thank you! 

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    • By toast
      I recently bought a used 2007 Lexus ES350 that has a melted dashboard. I’ve read everywhere that Lexus covered this problem until 2017 but the previous owner never took it in to get replaced. I got quoted at the dealership $1400 for the new dashboard plus an additional $800 labor fee to get it replaced. I’m not trying to spend $2200 to get a dashboard replaced so I am planning on replacing the dashboard myself if I can find a new one. I was wondering if anyone knows what part number the replacement dashboards are so I don’t end up buying another one that will melt?
    • By tivoliman
      The switch that helps adjust the side mirrors seems to be flaky, and needs replaced.
      How do I remove the switch from the dashboard, without breaking any plastic
      Car: 2003 LS430
      There are some forum references for removing the full dashboard.  I was hoping to remove the minimum.
      Many thanks
      A picture of the switch is attached

    • By sdapana
      2003 Lexus ES - the portion of the dashboard that covers the passenger airbag is separating at the top (see photo attached).  We live in SF Bay Area and get temps in the 80-90's (a few days of low 100's) during the summer but not sure if the heat is enough to cause this kind of separation.  I talked to the local Lexus dealer and asked them if there was any danger in the airbag either not deploying correctly or deploying pre-maturely due to the dashboard separation.  
      They said I need to call Toyota National and open up an issue with them directly (i.e. they don't want to say anything related to safety that might make the dealership liable) They said my VIN# is not on the airbag recall notification list.  So has anyone else had this happen to their dashboard / airbag and if so what did you end up doing to fix it?  The dealership said all they could do is replace the dashboard but the airbag was a separate component and they have no way to know if the airbag is impacted by the dashboard seam separating.  
      Thoughts or opinions welcome.
      thank you

    • By wopr
      Finally got the call from my dealer that they have the new dashboard. Replacement took one day. The original dashboard was not cracked but very sticky and created quite a glare on the front windshield.

      New dashboard is very nice, definitely no longer sticky (for now), and no more glare.

    • By ml30306
      I own a 2004 Lexus ES330 with about 105k miles. The car has given me no issues until about six months ago. I started hearing a vibrating noise from behind the dashboard under the following conditions:

      - When the temperature is colder/engine is cold
      - When my foot is on the break. When I release very slowly and hold the noise is loudest.
      - When I have the foot on the break and the car is in reverse.
      The sound is there when cold staring and low rpm's
      - The loud sound behind the dashboard goes away after about 10 minutes driving. However, when I am at a full stop, foot on break, then press the gas pedal the same sound (almost feels like it is coming from the gas pedal) will be there and quickly go away as soon as I hit higher rpm's. So the vibration is there just when I accelerate

      The noise sounds like a e.g. business card somewhere stuck in the AC unit and vibrates when air comes through. I have removed the AC control, radio, and upper exhaust vent units but could not find the origin of the sound. I also can't really hear the sound when I open the hood, It is most audible when sitting inside the car. Location sounds like dead center behind the center dash, could be wrong though.

      I have also had a certifies Toyota/Lexus shop try to isolate the noise, they could not find it and said they would have to remove the dash to do so.

      I have seen a number of servo motor posts and videos and my noise does not sound like a "hyper-active" fan. I read that sometimes noises (not sure what kind) can be caused by warped front disks (which mine are a bit, when breaking I feel the car vibrating a bit). In addition, I have some noise coming from the steering wheel at times (different sound, more like an occasional rattle).

      I think the noise is either connected either to my breaking, accelerating, or really something stuck in the ventilation system BUT can't just find anything. Any ideas?
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