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2002 RX300: Water on Floors from AC

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I have searched but never found an answer to how to unclog the AC lines on an RX300.

My RX now generates so much water that I must wring out 2 Terry Cloth towels (one on each side) a minimum of 4 times a day, usually more often.

I've read about plugs by the Firewall on the ES vehicles and then possibly a drain tube somewhere inside the vehicle but, never an exact location. 

If anyone knows how to fix this problem please respond (with pics if possible).

BTW, the water occurs when running the Heater also.



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If the water is still a problem running the heater then I have to ask if you are sure it's A/C condensate and not coolant. A leak in the heating coil or one of the lines attached to the coil would produce the problem you are describing. Better check this one a bit more closely.

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Yes, it's not the heater core. That I checked on and I smell the towels everyday to ensure that it is not coolant or anything from the radiator. I don't smell coolant either. But, my reservoir is very low but, not empty.

The water is clear and no  coolant smell.

Thank you for the advice. Also, I noticed and felt water on the back floors...both sides. Any other ideas?

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