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I am happy to say I just bought a 92 Sc400. The miles are high (160k) but the condition and records are excellent. It is Gold exterior in very good to excellent with only a few minor scratches, no dings and always garaged. The beige interior is the same no tears or rips carpet is very clean with no stains. The driver seat has minimal wear with only a handful of stress lines. Engine was maintained by a Lexus dealership with the normal service. Oil was clear. Major service was performed at 120k with a new timing belt, service new brakes and rotors, Last year the AC was recharged and tested new tires and new Lexus carpets. The Nakimichi CD changer was recently repaired. All power items work. The car was owned by a Physician and very well maintained. Car cover also included. Price paid $5500.00 Any advice from members about further Maintenance on this vehicle with this amount of miles would also be appreciated. What do you think about synthetic oil? ect? What would you do if you just got this car? Maintenance wise? I would really like to protect this small investment and put together a monthly budget for Maintenance and upgrades.


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If you trust the previous owner, it sounds like nothing needs to be done. I usually change fluids on a new used vehicle. But sounds like you're safe to not worry about it. Sounds like you got an excellent vehicle there at a good price. Congrats. They are wonderful cars. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Sounds like you're ready to start modifying. I might suggest some 18 inch wheels. Some supra TT brakes. Lowering suspension. Sound system with tv's of course. Have fun with it. Welcome to the club.

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Enjoy the car. I use mobil one 5W30 and change it every 5,000mi. If you use regular oil try penzoil and change it every 3,500 mi. Don't get cheap oil filters. Use the lexus or nippon or advantex or wixx brands. Make sure that you don't have the dreaded power steering pump leak and if you do fix it quickly. Change whatever fluids have not been changed (coolant, brake, oil, transmisson, and differential). Check out for parts and the when you need tires. The detailing section here gives excellent advice. See if your engine and trans mounts and your bushings are ok the next time you have it serviced since you have high milage. You should get plenty more miles since the car was well maintained and the drivetrain is bulletproof. Happy motoring.....

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