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Cargo Net For Es 300 (2003)

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I have an ES300 and i plan to install a cargo net in my trunk. I called my dealer and gave me a price of $25 plus taxes but said it would take around $100 to install it!! I felt that was on the higher side and did not believe it was that difficult to fix it myself.

I opened my trunk and to my surprise i saw that two loops that fit on pegs ware already mounted inside the trunk! All i have to do is just attach the net to these loops and i am done!!

Am i missing something here? If i am not then i think this dealer was trying to take me for a ride!!

All inputs would be highly appreciated.


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All Lexus's from '02-'04 have the pegs put in at the factory, whether you buy the cargo net or not. I think they started putting in the pegs on the '98 ES's.

All you need to buy is the net, and that's all.

You can buy it here for $18.00. It's a genuine Lexus part. Cargo Net

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Thanks Guys!

That was what i thought! I am going to confront my dealer early next week.

He was telling me earlier today it will cost me around $100 for labor and installation costs. I am going to ask him what labor costs he was talking about here!

This is daylight robbery!

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One other thing:

With the equipment that you got on your car the dealer usually throws in the cargo net and the trunk mat even though they are considered options. My dealer did. I think you have a lousy dealer. :censored:

I learned that when you're unsatisfied with your dealers performance you should call the Lexus Corporation and register a complaint. They like to make their customers happy. Tel# 1-800-255-3987

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thats the stealership for you- unreal- it takes 2 minutes to install the net. I bought one. My 1998 did not come with the hooks, but the net did. Piece of cake and it looks/works great. Call Customer service, I did for a headlamp the dealership did not want to replace and they put the fear of God into the service manager. They had them stumbling over themselves trying to get me back in the dealership. I refuse to go back. i did alot of research on local shops and will investigate taking my car to the local Toyota Dealer for service if I have to.

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