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dealing with service centre about car break in

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My LS 460 got towed to lexus service centre for a battery problem last week. I just got a call from lexus today saying that someone broke into my car last week and damaged the car (i am not so sure how extensive the damages are. They just told me that they will fix it) It sounded like several other car was damaged on the same day. Lexus centre want me to report ICBC for break-in so they fix the damage with the my insurance and deductible will be paid by the towing company (for not locking my car after towing). It is no problem to call ICBC but it is quiet upsetting that 1) they did not let me know this right away 2) the break-in happened at the service centre. 

anyone experienced this kind of issue?

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You are apparently not in the U.S.

In the U.S., the service center or its insurer would pay for the repair.  Neither you, your insurer or the towing company would pay any portion of the repair cost.

The service center accepted full responsibility for your vehicle when it accepted it from the towing company and was responsible for ensuring that it was stored in a secured area and locked if necessary.  At least this is the way it works in the U.S.

Had a service center employee destroyed your vehicle while road testing it after a repair, again it would be the service center or its insurer that would be totally responsible for paying for replacement of your vehicle.

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