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Tan Interior to Black Interior Conversation

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Hey! I’m a young car enthusiast who currently owns a ‘99 GS400 with tan interior. I plan on converting it to black interior. Does anybody know any good products to use or have any tips or advice for me?

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    • By Kaimana
      So, someone tried to break into my car and left my passenger side window in shambles and while looking for a new window, I discovered a 1999 model at U-Pull. Now this wouldn't be an issue if my car was a 1999, but it's a 1990. I'm wondering if the passenger window on that LS400 is compatible with my 1990 LS400.

    • By Kdr
      I own a 1999 Lexus ls400. This is my first car that I got from my uncle. It has 400,000+ miles on it, and it’s just generally beat up. 2 weeks ago, the car stopped running. I had just parked it the night before and woke up to have it not even turn over. When I turn the key, I hear a click inside the engine compartment, but that’s it. There’s power to all the lights and everything else turns on. The starter will sometimes actually move as if it wants to turn over, but only for a second or two. Does anyone have any idea as to what’s wrong with it?
    • By RJD-LX470
      First post - I'm looking at buying a leather seat trim kit from Lseat - to replace my well worn front and middle seats.  Wonder if anyone on the forum has had any experience using a seat leather trim kit or with Lseat.
    • By tjdean01
      Hello.  We just picked up this es300 in very good condition.  We took a trip and during that trip, the overdrive stopped working.  We made it home in limp mode, I disconnected the battery, reconnected, and the car has been driving fine for a few days now.  Checked at O'Reilly's and there is no code for the knock sensors, which is apparently often the problem when the car won't shift into 4th gear.  But, the no-overdrive problem seems to occur at times when the coolant sensor, engine sensor, thermostat, etc., isn't performing/reading correctly.  So, I figured I should address the codes I'm getting now and see if the no-overdrive problem returns (yes, someone removed the check engine light so these didn't pop up when we bought it):
      P0125 - Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control.  After extensive reading, it seems that this code hardly ever occurs by itself and often resolves itself when you resolve another issue. So, I think we should wait on this and address the others first.
      P1130 - Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1.  B1S1, I believe, is behind the engine near the firewall.  After reading a lot online, I think that if the B2S1 is replaced, this code might go away
      P1153 - Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Circuit Response Malfunction Bank 2 Sensor 1.  This is the sensor right up front.  I'm thinking that changing this might fix the other codes as well.  Or, this is the best place to start, I'm guessing.  
      P1155 - Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction Bank 2 Sensor 1.  Again B2S1, the one in the front of the car that's easy to get to.
      So, I guess I could buzz it over to my dad's house for him to check electrical continuity; or to figure out if the sensor's heater is working properly.  However, I'm thinking simply replacing the sensor might be the best bet.  
      If I do change this sensor (B2S1), what is the Toyota part number?  And, I've heard to not use off-brand parts for knock sensors, but since this is not a knock sensor, can I buy something locally at AutoZone that's readily available and comes with a warranty?  
      I'll probably do as you guys recommend.  Much appreciated!!
    • By church3229
      Hello, I have a 1994 lexus es300, and it has been very good to me.  However, it probably needs a new transmission (doesnt go into 1st gear for some reason, still drives, just takes 15 seconds or so to get to 20 mph. )  Engine works fine.
      Today, while browsing craigslist, I found a 1999 toyota camry for $500 with blown motor.
      Is the camry transmission swappable with the es300 transmission?  If not, would the engine be swappable?  What transmissions are swappable, I heard I can swap ones from 1992 through 1996, is that right?
      Also, one mechanic swears its an electrical issue, the transmission solenoids have been replaces, the ecm tested fine, and the transmission wiring from the ecm to the harness tested fine, and they believe the transmission wiring harness might be to blame.  Where is the transmission wiring harness located?  (I stopped going to the mechanic because I paid $800 for the solenoid to be replaced, only for the issue to not be resolved, and refund was refused, so now I dont trust mechanics. 
      tl, dr; is transmission/motor for 94 es300 and 99 camry swappable?  And where is the transmission wiring harness located on the es300?
      Thank you.