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Mechanic In Santa Monica Ca Area


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Hey all, i just found this site and its fantastic. Honestly, i could (and will) spend days in here. And its amazing because all the things that have been bugging me happen to everyone. I'm a new owner and love my car but thought I must have gotten a defective one.

Basically, i have problems with my AC/ Power Steering / and Antenna on my 90 LS 400. And it seems pretty common.

Anyway, i finally want to get them fixed, and am a relative amature at replacing things myself, although I think I can do the antenna. Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the Santa Monica? Westside Los angeles area? It would be a huge help, as I don't trust pretty much anyone and will probably go to anyone that you guys might recommend.

There is a dealership that I hear is good, but I'm not made out of $$$$.

Thanks again, and this site is great.

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I'm also relatively new to the site and have been struggling a bit to find a mechanic in this area.

Is Santa Monica Lexus a good dealership? Heard anything? I'm also near Vista Lexus and can't recommend them.

I'd also prefer a good independent shop to do my routine maintenance and fluid flushes.

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