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Rear end sagging and VGRS light flashing

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Hey guys

I just got my 07 LX470. I haven’t even driven it yet as I didn’t want to pay two car insurances until I sold my Envoy Denali. The LX was in Kelowna which has a fair bit of snow so I had the undercarriage lightly sandblasted/ agitated by a body shop and then undercoated for rust prevention. I figured I’d get it all ready to my liking(including about 3 days of interior detailing alone) and the 570 wheels, 1.25” spacers on the way. 

The body shop was far away so having it towed back was easier than arranging a ride. I had it towed back on a flat deck and after I got it home the rear end is totally sagging, the VGRS light is flashing, and the steering alignment is totally off. I know the guy didn’t do anything shady so I’m just wondering if maybe one or some of the height sensors got undercoating on them and just need to be removed and cleaned off? 

Any suggestions would be great. Where are the rear ones located? I could only find videos showing the front 

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