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I had this problem several years ago.  My dealer had a guy they worked with who was able to fix it.  He "scraped" the gooey parts and did some kind of magic - I'm not sure what.  Since then, the dash has looked just like it did the day the car was new, and it has not become sticky again.

(if you ask me, Lexus should have been forced to do a recall to fix this, since it's an obvious defect on their part.)

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22 minutes ago, arpeyer said:

Can you ask the dealer what was done?  I have this problem now.

It was so long ago, that I'm not sure they would even know - and I don't know who there to ask.  You could call them, though - Hendrick Lexus in Charlotte.  They did not fix it themselves, but had someone come in (I think it was someone who did detailing as well) and take care of it.  I found the statement in my records.  It's a Hendrick Lexus statement from 6/19/2014, and the entry for that work reads like this:

(actually, they misspelled it "LEAREHR REPAIR" on the statement)
Cost was $150.

The service advisor on that statement was Larry Helton.

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