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Dummy Lights


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The airbag light won't go off with an unplugged battery. I had to pay a Toyota dealer to get mine turned off. Unless you drove the car w/o the airbag in, you have a problem in the SRS system, and correct me if I'm wrong, the SRS system will not work with the airbag light on. Get this checked ASAP! I don't know about turning the brake light off.


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they won;t work if the srs light is on.

There is a complicated way of checking the system but it includes a multi step process of 1 second intervals and shorting out pins to 12vdc and ground.Not very safe for a novice to be doing with an ecu.

the abs sensor on the hub may have become dislodged slightly from baning if you have a loose wheel hub. You need to check them for play.

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What year is your LS? I have the procedures for resetting the airbag light on a 93. Email me at if your have a 93. A common way the light gets triggered is to disconnect something like the instrument cluster without first disconnecting the battery. The procedure is a little tricky but has been done successfully by lots of folks.

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