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Maybe starter issue ?

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First, I can not believe I have to tear the entire intake structure of the engine apart just to replace a starter.  Maybe Chevy's aren't as bad as I thought.  That being said, every 8th or 9th time I try to start my 1992 LS400 It just clicks.  But try 2 or 3 more times and it starts right up.  Replaced battery, that's not the issue.  Could it be a bad spot on the starter?  Or maybe the ignition switch?  Any thoughts would be appreciated, as have no intention of going after the starter without being 100% certain it is the problem. Thanks.

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Thanks.  It does go 'click' when it doesn't start.  Going to try picking up the starter relay directly next time it happens.  That will at least eliminate the ignition switch.  Will also check the cable where it bolts to the starter.  As I recall now, that has come loose before.  Thanks again.

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I am not sure about that starter, but the Denso starter in other Lexus models have a rotating contact in the relay mounted on starter.  They get burned.  when it starts sometime, and not other times the contact is moving to a better spot.  This relay (which is mounted on the starter) can be repaired with a Denso starter relay contact kit.  The only issue on your car is that it is buried under the intake on back of engine.  The kit cost less than $20.

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