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I plan to buy RX450h soon. It is hard for me to afford new one, so, I'm looking mostly on '15 - '18 models with about 30K mileage.

I never had a hybrid before. Is it a good idea to buy a used hybrid at all? I noticed that RX350 has much more offer on the secondary market than RX450h. Am I making a mistake buying a used hybrid?

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Well, records are important.  I bought my RX400h hybrid in 2010 with 80k miles.  It has been the best automobile I have ever owned.  We now have 248k miles and other than normal maintenance and one hybrid cooling pump failure early on it has been spectacular.  Cant help you on 450H, but I hated the joy stick on early models....

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    • By Jellygeee
      Hello there,
      Apologies if I'm reposting a similar thread or not following the rules for creating a thread. I'm a new member.
      Want to provide an overview of my situation: I bought a brand new 2019 RX 450H F Sport for Wifey 2 weeks ago. Last night while trying to start the car in the garage, the whole odometer and lights started flashing (feels like disco lights). It went on for about 10 mins. The car couldn't be started. The message displayed was something about the Brake (P) malfunctioning. The car just reached 600 miles.
      Had to call the Lexus Emergency line and got the car towed to the nearest Lexus dealership. Received a message this morning from the dealership that the car and battery will be inspected (will need few hours). I wished I would have taken a video of it to show the magnitude.
      Want to get your advice and opinion from fellow members. Has this ever happen to anyone? What could have cause the issue? My Wife was both distraught and disappointed since it's a brand new car. On the bright side, this happened in our home (situation could have been worse if it happens in the middle of freeway).
      Thank you for your responses in advance.
      Kind Regards,
    • By FinallyFree
      Retiring at 68 and thinking of selling my Honda Odyssey and getting a true Luxury car; a Lexius.  Zeroing in on an older ES 350 or RX.  Maybe even a Hybrid one.
      So, I ask you experienced Lexus owners, is this a bad Idea for a single woman who can’t fix her own car?  And the closest Lexus shop is 2 hours away? 
      I’d like to keep the price around 25,000 or less.  
      Thank you for any insights, advice, etc
    • By Andy_N
      Hi Guys,
      Couple weeks ago, my Lexus hybrid system light came on. I took the car to a  local Lexus dealer. They charged me $160 just to test the engine light and  told me to replaced my hybrid battery for $6,700. I am so broke I declined the replacement.  Last week, I opened the hybrid battery and tested all cells. Turns out all cells are fine. I reassembled the battery back in place and drove it for another week. Today while driving 70 mph on the highway the "warning hybrid light" comes on again  including check VSC, check ECB. Does anyone here has the same problem like it do? I know the battery is fine. Could the battery converter causing this problem?
      Any advise would be appreciated.
      Thank you.

    • By Debra M
      Went on a very long - 4,000 mile - journey for graduation two weeks ago. Drove from Texas to the east coast and back again. In evey non-hybrid car I've had, the mpg rate would always increase with highway driving. No so with the RX 400h (2007). It started out a with a wonderful 27.4 mpg… and kept dropping by tenths as we went along. Now, it has rested at 26.9. I can notice this mpg decrease in my everyday driving. What happened? Can it be improved? I changed the oil and cleaned out the air filter immediately after my return. Does it need a tune up? We've got 95,000 miles on it now. Thanks for your advice.
    • By kenzotic
      Hello there, I'm new to this site but figured it would be a good place to get some advice. Okay, so I found a 1992 Lexus SC400 with 156k original miles on craigslist for $3500, clean title. I've been doing my research on these cars for awhile and this is the first I've actually found close to where I live. So I went to the guy's house earlier today to check it out and it seems really nice. It seems to have been decently taken care of, has originally red paint that has no clear coat peeling and only a couple tiny dings in the body. Also has moisture in the driver's side headlight but not a big deal at all. Overall I'd give the exterior about an 8/10. Interior is also really nice, only a few small tears in the driver's side seat, broken door handle, and a few of the gauge cluster needles are blacked out, I've heard this is common on these cars. Car also has a new exhaust system on it that is quiet at low rpms, but comes alive at higher rpms, which is perfect in my opinion. So besides what I've already listed, the only other flaws are that it could use new tires soon, the left-hand turn signal bulb needs to be replaced, and the brakes felt a little spongy, probably just from the brakes needing to be bled. Luckily, the dude said he would give it to me for $3k. So, is $3000 for this car a good deal? Any problems I should watch out for with this mileage? Any insight is much appreciated, and feel free to ask questions, I'll answer what I know! I'll upload what pictures I have of it c: