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Hello!  I purchased an '02 SC last week and joined this site today. The mileage is a bit high (157K) but the overall condition is great. Are there items that I can replace (bushings,etc.) to bring the car back to "as new" feel? Looking forward to future conversations! 

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I replaced the torsion bars which are on the left & right sides under the car forward of the firewall. 

Also had to replace most rubber hoses, especially the fuel tank to keep from throwing codes. 

If you buy new front brakes, get racing matched, drilled, slotted & replace pads & rotors. Don’t buy factory brakes. 

I also had to fix my door speakers & the sub woofer behind the back seat. There’s good info on this site how to do that. 

My DVD player has gone south. 

Timing chain & water pump are probably due. 

I put in a new flat screen Kenwood radio. They say it can’t be done, but that’s not true. 

I also put in a backup camera. That’s not easy to do. 

Mine is the same year & about the same miles. 

Very nice car. Solid engine & drive train. 

Run flats wear out. I have Toyos now & they wear well. AAA for flats, but I’ve never had one. 

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