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Took my 2011 RX 350 to Costco Friday for a tire rotation. Always try to have it done every 5,000 miles for the tread wear mileage guaranty. They broke ALL of the wheel center caps. Had a talk with the manager. Says they are old and brittle. No recourse. So my options are $40.00 each at the Lexus dealer or buy them from one of the EBAY sites for about $25-$30 for all four.  Anyone have experience with this situation? I've never bought anything off EBAY so I'm apprehensive.

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It's very doubtful that all four wheel caps would become equally fragile and break at the same time but it's pointless to argue with Costco.  Maybe a Costco employee thought he had to wack them hard into place not realizing they snap into place with little effort.  Or perhaps they were already weakened to some extent.  

I've never had an OEM Lexus or Toyota center cap break although I've had a few aftermarket center caps break.  I've only recently started to have others - usually Costco - rotate my tires ... I'm getting lazy in my old age.

I've bought many items from eBay including from eBay sites for European countries.  So far I've never had a problem.  If the same product is on eBay and Amazon, I prefer to buy from Amazon.

If you buy wheel caps from an online seller, be sure to get the size you need.  Measure your current wheel caps and verify the size with the seller.




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Is there a particular dealer on Amazon or EBAY I should deal with? I understand there are good ones and bad ones. It's interesting that the new caps are sold individually whereas aftermarket caps are generally sold in sets of four. I guess people rarely need all four. After this I think I'll rotate the tires myself. I always recheck the torque on the wheels myself when I get back home.

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