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I have a 2008 RX350 (pre-owned) with a communication problem. When I purchased it 7 years ago I deleted the previous owners' phone and phonebook entries with no issues and proceeded to register my phone and enter the few phone numbers I regularly used. Three years ago after a phone upgrade, I unregistered the first phone and registered the newer one. Again no problems Last year, I acquired a newer model hand-me-down, registered it, deleted the previous one, made a valid Bluetooth connection and used it. However, the next time I started the RX, the Bluetooth failed to connect. and although the phone's BT was active the RX's settings had reverted to their previous values showing only the old phone as being registered. Tried changing the Bluetooth keys and resetting them to their defaults and everything worked while the cars was running. Once it was shut down and restarted the old settings returned.

Having the same issue with the phone book always reverting back to its prior status.. Deleted and/or Changed some entries, confirmed the update occurred but the next time the car was started everything was back to the way it was. Deleted the PhoneBook and confirmed it was gone but upon restart its back with all the original entries.

I've run the delete/change/update cycles several times myself, twice with Lexus service personnel and once with their Customer product specialist pushin' the buttons. On my last attempt, I reset Bluetooth to it's default settings, deleted the phone book, cleared the registered phone and yanked the battery immediately after shutting off the ignition. Two weeks later, hooked it up and all the old phone/Bluetooth settings are back (however the radio, clock, power window, sunroof, etc settings were wiped clean).

So, has anyone experienced something like this before? 

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