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We have an 06 rx330 with 87k miles. The other day the ac malfunctioned, just quit cooling. I ran the diognostics and am getting code 23 (pressure switch circuit); I think I have found the 4 pin switch on the small hard aluminum line just to the passengers side of the condenser screwded into a socket (which has a site glass on it?)

I think changing the part is within my capability but I'd appreciate help with a couple questions I ponder.

Is that the switch and does anybody have a part number or a good source. I've found all kinds of confusing numbers and prices from $9.99 to almost $300.00.?

Since I have to evac the system, is there anything normally associated with this failure (like the compressor, etc) that should be checked  (and how)?

It seems that the switch must also control both the clutch and the dual fans which do not seem to currently function. Is that right?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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