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The 430 sc Creates Emotions

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I have had a 2006 model for a few months.  At first I felt sort of uncomfortable about it.  I wanted to update the wheels.  I thought of it sort of as a "chick car."  After driving it for a while, my feelings have changed a lot.   I really like the car.  It is fun and something to look forward to.   It is a Japanese hot rod.  I love the roof line especially because it looks like it was chopped.   It is not a car for everyone,. That is part of the appeal.  I am now very comfortable in the car and have great appreciation for it.  Wondering if anyone else has take some time to appreciate the car.?

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Thanks Marty.    I guess my point is that I love the car, and do not really care what others think of it. 

I looked at C5 Corvettes for a year.  They just seem like too much speed and too much trouble in comparison.

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I acquired my SC430 about 2 months ago, I felt the same way a little bit off. After driving the car more (weekends and good days) I have also learned to admire and enjoy it. It grows on you. I'm looking forward to Spring to drive with the top down, I'm sure I will enjoy it even more. 

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Purchased a 2009 430 about 2 yrs ago with 80, and just l000 miles on it and just love to cruise in it with the top down and a full moon. 

Thinking about upgrading the wheels though to dress up the flash. 

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I added 20 inch Verde chrome wheels to my 2007. Unbelievably cool. The tires obviously have to be low profile, Toyo brand, they are great but not run flat so buy a donut spare.

Happy to send a picture if you respond.


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