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Hello everyone!

I have a 2006 Lexus SC430 and I am thinking of converting my Michelin run flats to regular tires but would like to find the spare tire conversion kit with the spare tire for the trunk, I am also looking for an OEM SC430 car cover with bag in good to excellent condition.  Please let me know if anyone has or knows where I can purchase these items. I enjoy this forum very much, Thank you

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I didn't find any conversion kits but there are currently a number of SC430 compact spare tires for sale on eBay.  Finding a full kit for a car that was discontinued 10 years ago is a stretch.

Here's an old Club Lexus forum thread about someone fabricating their own kit: 

Edit:  I was surprised that I found that the OEM spare wheel is still available as a new part - especially since it was originally not available in the U.S.:

Edit #2:  LOL, the spare wheel cover for the "trunk" is still available:

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I’m very late at responding to your post, but I have a 2006 Lexus SC430 and I just put a brand new spare tire conversion kit in my car (March 2021). Here’s the deal.  Lexus no longer sells the kit as a whole but all of the parts that are in the original kit are available but you have to buy them separately through Lexus parts department.  Hope this helps. 

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