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Snapped intake manifold bolt. Tried bolt extractor and that broke too. Now what?

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I'm in the process of replacing the starter in my 1992 SC400. I was in the middle of putting the lower intake manifold on but as I was leaning over the engine from the driver's side to get the last bolt in my foot slipped causing me to loose my balance and pull on the ratchet with an extension on thus snapping the bolt nearly in half. I broke about 1/4 of it in the block. I went and bought one of those bolt extractors but it snapped inside the hole I drilled... Can I just drill a hole straight through and buy a bolt, nut and locking washer. Does that idea sound OK?  

I appreciate any help!

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It can be very difficult to drill out. You can purchase a solid carbide burr and grind(make sure carbide is on tip) Then use left hand drill same size as used for tap(make sure drill is in reverse) this will draw old bolt. Good luck


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