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Hello, have a problem, two may not be related.  Recently did the timing belt/water pump. Put it all back together.  And now am blessed with missfire scan codes and indeed, engine does miss.

has new Iridium plugs wires, distrib cap, rotor.  Ran fine before change.  Checked Timing belt timing. All spot on.  TE-1 E-1 underhood connector  with timing light.  I did notice that in this test mode, the car ran great!!  I read that the computer is using programmed values instead of sensor data in this mode.  I got a scan tool and this is one round of scan with this unit.  maybe someone here is familiar and could offer a possible culprit.

Fuel system 1 status    CL
Fuel System 2 Staus     CL

calculated load value   14.1
engine coolant temp     190

Short Term Fuel trim -  bank 1     0.8%
Long  term fuel trim -  bank 1    7.8 %

Short Term Fuel Trim - bank 2       0.8%
Long  Term Fuel Trim - bank 2     6.3%

Engine Rpm                        718

Ignition Timing Advance for #1cyl    14.5 degrees
Intake air temp                       91 degrees

air flow rate from Mass Air Flow sensor        0.4lb/min

absolute throttle position                10.6 degrees

oxygen sensor output voltage (B1-S1)      0.740V

Short Term fuel trim (B1-S1)              0.8%

oxygen Sensor output voltage (B1-S2)      0.580 V
short term fuel trim (B1-S2)              99.2%
Oxygen Sensor output (B1-S1)              0.060 V
Short Term Fuel trim (B2-S1)              0.8%


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