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Maintenance - Age vs Mileage

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Hello all, new to forum but not new to Lexus/Toyota.  Have a pretty good mechanical background. 

I am the new owner of my parents’ 2004 LS430UL. They bought it new, and it has 83k miles. All service was done at the Lexus dealer until Mom moved here 3-4 years ago when she began using a very good Lexus specialist. It has been driven about 1500 miles in the past 18 months or so. 

I’m going to keep it - it’s value is in driving, I think, because the retail value just doesn’t seem like enough for the car  

I’ve changed all of the filters, including the underseat filters and have replaced trunk & hood struts.  Oil service will happen with the timing belt service  

it is obviously time for a timing belt/water pump service.  Should I consider a preventative replacement of the radiator as that is done?


A cooling system flush has been suggested.  I’ve generally not been a fan of those but is there any comment, pro or con?


it also has the air suspension.  It seems to be working fine and offers an incredibly smooth quiet ride. The rear feels a bit bouncy to me at times, as if shock absorbers were worn (if it had shock absorbers) but that may just be how the car rides.  Opinions are welcome.


I would like to hear your thoughts about any other items that deserve attention due to the age of the car and because it has been mostly sitting for the past 2-3 years.

thanks in advance  for your help.






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Change the trans fluid. I wish I had in hindsight after my transmission in the"04 LS430 went south. Traded it in with 230K showing on the odo, but it was a great car. The new one I bought just doesn't feel as rock solid as the "04. 

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