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Considering undercoating 2019 GX 460

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Salty roads during  Buffalo,N.Y. winters are a fact of life. I have it washed at a drive thru auto wash weekly and now considering  spray undercoating the vehicle at a local shop. Is this a good idea or will the undercoating process clog the normal water draining passages on the GX body.and cause other rust issues. Any other North Eastern U.S GX owners have any comments whether undercoating is a good idea?? 

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Joining the question.

For what it's worth, my knowledge is:

* I have similar (or worse) weather conditions in my place (google "Sakhalin" in Russia, just north of Japan).  

* All official dealers in my place offer the undercoating. At a very high price, as you could imagine. But I know no one who has opted for it. 

All I know from the pre-owned cars experience on the matter:

* if the car has been operated in a rusty environment, you'd inspect / see it firstly from its (rusty) underbelly.

* if you are considering the undercoating but your underbelly already has signs of rust. => Two choices.

   ** One, you have to remove all the rust altogether and then do the undercoating. (Another expensive procedure).

   ** Or you just forget about it (as long as you're going to sell your car within next 3-5 years).

Does this answer your question?

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