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AC not working issue

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Well - had an Ac issue -  looked on this forum and i saw that most people had issue with the Ac clutch really

so i have followed from another tread - that was posted here ....   got new relay .... and it was a no go

found the manual pdf's for IS 300  ( have an 04 ) and started looking

one thing after looking at the schematic for all inputs that enable Ac to run - the inside display did not show

the outside temperature -   it was all   " - - -  "   - which ties to a Ambient temp sensor

the sensor is located behind the lower grille - close to the fog light - did not want to take a lot of stuff off

so took the upper grille off -  then partially took off the plastics of the bottom of the car - still had issue to getting to it

also took some of the wheel well plastic partially off too .....  had a hell of a time taking off the ambient sensor plug

off  .....  after taking the plug off - the wires seemed a bit loose - pulled a bit and the plug and like 2" of cable came out of the harness

so in other words had both leads to the ambient sensor broken ( cut ? ) ...

got in the harness - witch was a pita also ( without taking the bottom off as i said before )  -  started looking for the

damaged wires - while i was looking i found that one of the wires of the sensor that is on front of the ac  condenser

was damaged too - so went to stripping the shield on the harness again more back ....

after hooking up ( splicing the 3 wires )  .....  was out of black tape ( so orange it is lol )

all works good .....    thx to all that posted their issues on this forum and to the person that posted the

PDF's for the Is 300 .....  all that was a lot of help


ac 3.png

ac 2.png

ac wire diagram.png








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