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Quick Struts & Sway Bar Bushing and Links

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Since last week, as I have been going over speed bumps, I hear a sort of clunk/creak coming from the rear part of my car. I took it to the shop and they said I need new quick struts, sway bar bushing kit (rear), and sway bar link (rear). This (plus labor and wheel alignment) costs $2000 so I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar issue and knows if this is an urgent matter or more of a touch-up type of repair.


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      I purchased my current Ultra-Luxury version of the ES350 in 2009, and think I've become a life-long Lexus driver. I take great care of the car, and other then regular oil changes, tires, brakes, and a few ticky tacky maintenance things like broken locks, burned-out headlight, etc. I've had very few issues.
      Now things seem to be popping-up including: "Replace right front inner CV joint boot," and "Replace transmission left axle seal." This is about $700 combined done at the dealership.
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