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I have an '01 Lexus ES with 179,000 miles. I'm the 2nd owner and it was well maintained exclusively at the Lexus dealership by the previous owner. 

I'm looking for a pair of high-performance rear struts for road handling,safety  and performance at moderate high speeds on exit ramps and curvy backroads. I bought a pair of Monroe struts and after 3 months, they are worthless. Never again !  I know this is not a performance car nor a sports car, but I just want to feel safe and know how my car will handle during my typical driving in corners or over bumpy roads. OEM struts are poorly damped and nowhere near the performance I'm looking for.

The rest of both the front and rear suspensions have been gone through and fully replaced with new parts, so I know 100% that this is strictly a strut issue. Does anyone know of a high performance rear strut...(and fronts too if possible) for my car ? Bilstein doesnt make anything,nor does KYB. I did have a pair of Tokicos that were very nice and it handled very well and tracked flat with them, but they were so noisey (making loud banging noises) during cold weather (under 50° f ) that I had to remove them. 

I hope someone can help. 

Thanks for reading,and for your help ! Dave


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