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Disappointed in maintenance expense

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My wife took her GX 460 in for the 30,000 mile service. We have about seven months left on the lease, and they told her that she needs all new tires, new brake pads, and new rotors. Total price tag comes in at about $2700. 

I don’t know what kind of “butter” tires they put on these vehicles, but 30,000 miles is ridiculously low for needing a complete new set (in my opinion). I’ve owned a lot of vehicles, and 50,000 to 60,000 miles is more in line with my expectations for new tires. And that’s about what I replace mine at, and my wife and I drive in pretty much the same locations and conditions.

As far as the brakes go, well OK, I can understand that. Maybe she’s a little heavy on the brake. What I don’t get is the rotors. She always gets her service done at the dealership, and why they couldn’t tell her that her brakes were low before they started digging into the rotors is beyond me. Sounds like they could’ve caught it at the 25,000 mile service and saved me several hundred dollars on that front.

I mean isn’t the whole point of a lease to turn it in before you have to start shelling out for maintenance expenses like this? We’ve had the vehicle for about 29 months, so it’s basically like you need to set aside an extra $100 a month to pay for the extra maintenance expenses before you even turn the vehicle in.

Needless to say, I will get the tires and brake work done for about half the price at a local shop. They won’t be the premium tires that they are wanting to put on at the dealership, but frankly I don’t care because in a few months it’ll be somebody else’s vehicle. 

Disappointed. Rant over.

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Some people live in canyon country.  They drive pretty fast.  Good quality sticky tires last about 20,000 miles under those conditions. 

Same with brakes.  Some people are easy on brakes, some aren't. 

Being a Lexus leasee puts you in an usual category.  Most Lexus owners think long term. 

Lexus cars have straight forward maintenance and they last.  The biggest reason everyone in my family seems to have at least one. 

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