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Timing Belt and Water Pump

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I sold my last sc430 3 years ago and want another. When looking should I only buy one that has had the TB and WP changed. I was looking to buy a 2007 Black Sappire Pearl with 72,000 miles. The seller just had his oil changes and Lexus said he should have his front brakes and rotors changed for $1100.00. The seller than decided he did not want to do it so he lowered his price from $17,500 to $16,000. But the TB and WP still need to be done and if you add the brakes and TB that will cost approx 2500, the car now realistically will end up costing me $18,500.
1. As being Sc430 owners do you feel when buying the car the TB and WP should be a priority .
2. What do you think about the car I was thinking about buying.
3. Does anyone know someone selling their SC430 2004 to 2009.
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I would not let the timing belt and wp stop you.   I bought a 2006 with 96 mi that needed both.  I used it as leverage for negotiating. 

You can do the same with the tb and the brakes.   Negotiate hard on the price.  These cars do not move that fast. 

I paid $12k for mine. 

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I agree with ppine. 

Also, front brakes rotors/pads. Matched, drilled, slotted racing available online. Total installed parts & labor by a mobile mechanic $300. Do not have done at Lexus dealerships. Same for TB & water pump. 

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