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Just replaced starter, same issue..

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Hello everyone. New member here.

I bough a 2000 LS400 and it has been fine for me up until last week. It began having an intermittent single clunk noise when trying to start, and after 2 or 3 attempts it would start without issue. This problem went away for a few days, and a few days later I went to start it, and all it would do is clunk. I could not get it to crank at all.


I believed it to be either the starter motor, or the attached solenoid. So I spent my weekend replacing it. I just got everything back together and to my horror, when I turn the key, it clunks, just like it did before, even with an extra battery hooked up.


I'm at a loss on what to do. If anyone has any advice, please help.




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Just to update everyone, I hooked some jumper cables up to the original Toyota starter and it spun fast and strong. You should have seen my reaction. Went back to look at the car and found a loose battery cable that delivered just enough amps to make the starter clunk.. was very upset but the car starts great now.


Unrelated, but I read somewhere on lextreme that if the fob is not present with the key, the car will not turn over at all. Mine will turn over but will not supply fuel and the car will not start, so maybe this will help someone later.

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