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So I was thinking of buying my cousins 2007 IS 250. 118,000 miles. Dealer offered her 4800 as a trade so that’s my price. Went to look at the car this weekend and several things troubling. Interior panels on both sides cracking and sticky. Guess she had dashboard replaced but panels not covered or something. Bit surprising till I googled and realized it was a big issue earlier. Also, check engine light on as well as vsc light? Cousin said dealer checked out lights twice and came up faulty sensors or something. Said they have been on for 2 years. Another concern is I just found out she has been running 87 gas for entire time? Isn’t it a 91 minimum? Took car out and seemed to run very good. No hesitation, pinging, etc. Exterior good, not great. Looking for a reliable vehicle for 2-3 years. Thoughts? Price? 
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Am contemplating possible purchase of 2012 IS 350. Interested in knowing if there are known items / issues associated with this vehicle to be aware of during walk around / test drive.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

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