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i have a 2017 rx350 with 25,000 mi on it this started at 20k miles ,when you drive over 40 mph you start feeling like a bobble head the truck wobbles back and fotrth from left to right,I took the truck to Lexus but they say because the truck was cough in a hail storm they voided the warranty and im on my own,i took it to Lexus and was told this is a common issue for these trucks and it was a strut problem ,so i purchased 4 new struts and shocks from Lexus and had a computerized wheel alignment tire pressure is 35lbs ,after 300 miles the truck feels the exact same way ,the shocks and struts i took out were bad but this issue still exists,has anyone else come across this problem? otherwise this is a great truck,its to bad because of hail damage Lexus has been real quick to void the warranty  on the mechanical part of the truck and left me out in the open with no help, i'm very disappointed in them since i could realize not guaranteeing finish any more, but no excuse not to void the mechanical part of the warranty  since i have had the truck since new there were no major componants changed from the hail damage but the hood! but thats another fight i will continue right now i need to fix this issue its dangerous   

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