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New Member Looking At A 1992 Sc400

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Hi everyone. I was looking at buying a 92 SC400 - it has 56k miles on and is in very good condition. I was just wondering if there are any major issues with this car that I should watch out for and if paying $9500 is a reasonable price. Thanks.

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Before buying have the car checked out by a lexus dealer for approx. $90-100. They will check all systems and you should get the service history. Make sure they check the AC for leaks as it uses the old R12 and you might not be able to recharge it easily as r12 can run $60-100/lb if you can find it. The conversion to R32a is very expensive. Check for power steering pump leaks and the condition of the shocks and bushings and tires etc. Get the carfax report. Expect to change all fluids (oil, coolant, transmission,brake, differential)and filters and possibly the brake rotors and pads. Was the timing belt service done? Price should be negotiated after you know what needs to be done and what large services are coming due soon. You can check current cars on ebay or the blue book for approx values for that year with low milage but it really depends on the condition and how much you like that particular car. Good luck.

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