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Replacement of P side mirror actuator in 2004 Rx330

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I recently replaced the actuator in the passenger side mirror in my 2004 Rx330.  It has been very difficult to find any instructions on how to do this. 

1.  Remove the mirror glass by manually tilting it all the way up to expose an opening along the bottom.  Insert your fingers underneath and gently pull forward.  It should release from the bottom half of the mirror.  Once the bottom is released, then pull slightly downward and forward to release the 2 engaged upper clips that are part of the back of the mirror which connect to the openings on the front of the actuator.  See photos.  There will be some wires connected to the back of the mirror; leave these attached and move the mirror to the side to expose the actuator. 

2. As a safety precaution, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

3. Remove and replace the defective actuator.  There are 3 screws holding this in place and you will need to reuse them.  Remove the 3 screws and gently pull the actuator forward to view the back side.  Remove the gray and black rectangular wire connections as well as the clipped wire connection and reattach these in the same positions on the new actuator.  Push the actuator back in the proper orientation and position as before.  Screw in the 3 screws. 

4.  Reinstall the mirror glass.  There are 2 rectangular plastic clips pointing up on the back of the mirror which insert into the 2 corresponding horizontal slots on the top of the actuator.  You will need to tilt the top of the mirror glass slightly downward and then inward to engage properly.  Then push the bottom of the mirror glass inward.  Eventually, the mirror glass will become stable.  

5. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.  Test your mirror.

6. After doing this, my driver controls for the windows would not work.  I had to open each window all the way up and down by using the individual window controls on each door panel first. 












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