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The beeping I have is more of an alarm and is happening when I'm taking curves. Sometimes switching lanes and I've noticed if the steering wheel stays farther right/left than a certain point it will continue to beep until I am able to somehow adjust the wheel.  There are some parts of my local highway system that I drive where the beep is continuous because there is no way to move the steering wheel in the opposite direction to get the beep to stop.  Also the steering wheel itself seems "loose".  I'm not sure if that is contributing or not.  2002 Lexus RX300.  I have been unsuccessful in figuring out what is going on. Personal replies to email would be great. since I'm not sure I can find my way back here.

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I suspect the beeping is related to a problem with what was called Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) back in 2002.  It's since been re-branded as Vehicle Stability Control.  How it works is explained at

A loose steering wheel is worrisome and could be a symptom of the problem.  We've had vehicles with VSC for almost 20 years and have never had the warning beeping occur when changing lanes or rounding curves on dry, smooth pavement during normal driving.  It's occurred mainly on rain, ice or snow slick pavement and a few times on loose gravel when I was driving VERY hard and pushing the vehicle to the limit.

This could be a dangerous situation.  I suggest that you have a professional (e.g. Lexus dealership technician) diagnose the problem.



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    • By GsJoe300
      Can someone please help me! I got my ignition coil changed on my 2004 gs300 on saturday because my car was having misfires. After changing the ignition coils I tried to crank the car but it wouldn't start, we disconnected everything new and put all the old ones back on and still nothing, then I realized the alarm indicator is blinking even when the key I in the ignition and turned. I tried a locksmith and he assured me nothing is wrong with the key, PLEASE HELP ME. I've changed the fuel pump, spark plugs and also tried everything I read online about resetting the alarm and nothing works, I can activate and deactivate the alarm from my key pad but the light continues to blink and the car refuses to start
    • By dancinmeg21
      This car has been nothing but problems....I have a 1992 SC300...long story short, someone tried to steal this car and sell it for parts, and they messed up the security system because they decided to start cutting random wires. So somtimes whenever I lock this car, unlock it to get in, the alarm goes off and I can't start the car for a few minutes (I turn the key in ignition to start, and nothing happen, no clicks or anything). I go around back and forth to passenger door and driver side door and lock and unlock and eventually I can start the car.
      Two days ago, I unlocked it from the passenger side and the alarm went off. Tried everything, looked on here for people with similar problems...nothing is working! Even unhooked the battery for 10 minutes!
      The only thing I am doing that is different than the times I have been able to get it to work is that I do not have the master key, just a copy of it. Does the master key have a chip or battery in it? My master key had no remote or anything special to it, just a normal key. Unfortunately, its lost. 
      So my theory is, that I need the master key for this right? Any other suggestions? 
    • By nathanOJ
      I have a pearl white 92 LS400 that has been good to me for 6 years so far. I do not use the wireless remote key to get into it, so that means using the drivers door lock a couple times a day since this is my daily driver. The problem I have is the alarm going off when unlock the door. This means sticking the key in, turning to the right, then BEEEPP! BEEEP! BEEEP!! DAMN IT!! What is weird is that the alarm goes off sometimes, not EVERY TIME. Sometimes the door lock actuator tries to "fight" my hand turning the key.

      So I took the interior panel off the door and pulled out the locking mechanism with the lock actuator in it, cause that's where most of the problems are with these LS's, right? I cleaned the lock actuator motor and that was a tremendous improvement, I tried cleaning the "contacts" where the actuator keeps it's positioning. I have replaced the "courtesy" switch as well but to this day it still goes off. WTH? What is tripping this Lex to freak out?!?  

      That was my thought until I got in a minor accident... I had to change out the passanger door with all the locks and such with a salavaged door. I found my clue as to what might be wrong here. 

      There is a switch on the cylinder lock by the handle that tells the car whether to lock or unlock the car. That's the end of the confusion. That has to be it. I'm guessing that lock sends the unlock message to the computer before the actuator knows what's going on. If that message doesn't get sent, the alarm thinks the door is getting jimmied open and throws a tantrum. There is a position sensor on the cylinder AND the actuator assembly; the cylinder HAS to send a signal before the locking actuator, otherwise it will freak out.

      This is my hypothesis. Has someone else complained of this problem? Is this it? I don't want to throw parts at it and waste my time. 

    • By Nicklb101
      Over the past three or four days. The factory alarm in my 2006 is250 manages to set itself off randomly throughout the day and night. No idea what is setting it off. I've tried locking it with the key, leaving it unlocked etc but it still manages to go off. Making it very hard to go anywhere to do jobs as I have to keep disconnecting the battery. Have called Lexus in Perth, Australia where I am based and they have said that in order to figure out the problem, they will need it in the shop to wait for it to go off.. At the price of $180 an hour so I am trying to find out if anyone has had a similar problem and would happen to know any causes and or fixes
    • By M.Yasir
      Hi everyone, its been a long time since i posted anything here
      Recently my car started giving noise when i steer everytime, the sound was minimal in the beginning well it was my fault i kept on driving it, the sound keep on growing and the steering got harder and harder with noise ofcourse
      What i did the first thing is to add up some lubricant usually DOT3 Dex 3 but unfortunately at the gas station this guy had only the brake fluid which was DOT 4 anyway i poured DOT 4, the reservoir for power steering was empty as expected and the oil inside was as filthy as it can be may be it was not changed even once since 1998... anyway I topped up the oil and drove
      There was another observation when the car got heated up well not heated up lets say when the engine is warm after a cold start in the morning the noise from the steering while turning was minimal but yes the steering became hard...
      The above whole situation i carried it for i think 4 days...
      Now the fix
      I went to a garage and i told him that noise is coming from the steering wheel and the steering itself is hard now, the mechanic told ok let me check and then with a flash light he went beneath the car, after sometime he told me that your pump is leaking tie rod ends are leaking and the list goes on..... I told him one thing, please do as i say
      Remove the return pipe from the oil reservoir and drain the whole steering fluid and thats it. So he proceeded removed the air filter assembly removed the return pipe, please make sure you have a large polythin or a bag in which you can store the oil otherwise it will be a mess since the moment you will remove the pipe the oil will come out with force.. now when the oil stops coming out start your car and turn the wheels end to end, now during this time and the oil will come out with more pressure and keep on pouring fresh oil in the reservoir, in this process atleast consume 3 litres and stop switch off the car .... pack things up
      Once every thing is connected back to where it was start the car with cap open of the oil reservoir, the oil will jump may be flow out let it do check the oil level and turn the steering end to end lets say you will do this exercise for 5 to 10 mins and done.. you are good to go
      While turning your steering make sure you lift the car from the jacks, in my garage there was only one jack so the mechanic lifted only one part of the car anyway something is better than nothing.. and now no noise nothing steering is like butter now, i will try to upload some pics
      You can use any DOT 3 fluid Automatic Transmission Fluid or as Toyota recommends Dex 3
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