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2000 Rx300 Fuel Filter Location


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I tried looking for it around the area where the brake booster is, but I did not see anything that looked like a fuel filter. Is it in that area behind the air filter housing? Well, if it is in fuel tank and lifetime, I guess that's good because it is one less item to worry about when doing routine maintenance. Thanks for all your input.

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No filter is liftime or it wouldn;t be a filter. The reason you can;t ind the filter is because it is rather large as filters go. There is a sump screen in the tank but that is it as far as filters in there go.

It is about 2.5-3 inchswide and tucked under the booster one side has an out and the other and in.They almost never need to be replaced.

Follow the fue line from the fuel rail back and you;ll see it.

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