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multiple quality issues and bad dealer service

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My Lexus Rx350 2017 has had the second time quality issue before reaching 24000 miles.

First time was the roof did not seal well. rain leaked and made a big puddle on my seat.


Now, I had the second one that I could not started the car in my garage on 10/19/19 around 10:00AM. the temp was about 60.


even worse, we took the video and showed the dealer. they told us to tow the car there. we called road service. we had three case numbers in total. but they sent the toll car to some other area!. until we had the last one 19056698, Mr. Rob in roadsite service center found out  the reason for us on Sunday evening 9:00 PM after WE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR ONE Day. Mr. Rob does reprensent Toyota well. it took him long to call us back but he did not let go.


Then this morning on Monday, I was trying to connect to get the car being towed, the first call I made I was told under 8 minutes, then disconnected.

The second one I called I was told under 20 minutes. I could get connect the thrid call.

I had to go out from work for towing!


I also called the dealer to reserve a loan car, they don't have! they also insist the weather change caused the engine not start. at 60 degree? is this Lexus quality standard? they cut the phone in the middle and state that is all they can do without providing a loan car. Is this because of lexus has too many quality issue?  I do not have person's name here. their number is 513-677-0177.


what the quality and service can Lexus provide to the customer?


I have had multiple cars from different companies, I have never had any quality issue like this. The only thing I needed to do on my highlander was to change the break.


 I worked as a quality engineer in Toyota Boshoku for Toyota. I do not think this is acceptable.

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