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Which 5sp Shift Knob Is Good For Sc's?

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Hello again gang,

Has anyone changed their shift knob, and if so does anyone recommend a brand or model where the knob sits down all the way to the boot?

Im looking for more or less the stock look, but every damn knob I buy ends up looking like a freaking truck stick. The knobs fit really high up (even thought they look good) and u can see the bar which is disgusting...

Also, I wonder how much the stock knob costs in the dealer? Does any one know? Also, is there an aftermarket knob for our stick sc's?

Mine is kinda faded, it has served its purpose n needs change. But with this crap out there I rather keep my beat up knob ;)

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Really, this has nothing to do with your post, just my opinion, but I have a shift knob from a Del Sol CRX. I've used it in every one of my cars since 1996. It has a great feel, though not the shortest thing. I'm not a big fan of aftermarket shift knobs. Most of them are cheeply made for look and not comfort, unless you want to shell out $60-70 bucks for a high quality knob.

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yea dont buy the cheap knobs it makes it harder to shift (in my opinion) I also agree that the s2000 knob is good i think its like 50-60 bucks at honda. my friend has one on his civic. theres two kinds. the newer one comes with a bit of leather.

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There is a TRD shift knob people are using. Also, I've seen the mr2 shift knob put on there. Looks fine to me. Or you could try the oem replacement if you can locate one. That would be best IMO. I need to replace mine too. Just haven't got around to it.

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:o I just found the stock knob on eBay....just do a search under supra shift knobs....some guy has every color (although I dont remember seeing tan) on the same same stock knob BRAND NEW......

Only problem is at the attractive price of $75 + Shipping!!!

Damn....I probably would have bought it if I had not spent so much money on cheap knobs... :censored:

Not to mention the butload of $bling$ I have spent on my stereo upgrade....

Damn, damn damn..I want that damn knob!


Thanks ppls!

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Not sure about knobs but I found that you can move adjust how high the boot goes so you can make it come up to the knob you have now.

Actually....I am not 100% sure I have the stock boot, but the plastic part says lexus so...yeah.

There are 4 clips holding down the plastic around the boot.

Once you get it off, keep lifting until the boot is inside out and held by your knob.

You'll see that there's a rubber circle on the shaft.

If you move this circle up, that's the lowest point the upper part of the boot will go.

See if you can play with that.

I'll take a pic of my shifter. (maybe later tonight)


Pics as promised.

Here's a pic of my knob.


This shows the ring I was talking about.


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