trailer hitch for 2019 UX FSport

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I love road biking and was wondering if any owners of the 2019 UX 200 found a hitch for a bike rack? i cannot find any manufacturer that has one do you know of anyone? 

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It can take a year or more for aftermarket hitch makers to market receiver hitches for new models ... if they ever do.  

I've bought several receiver hitches, including for Lexus LS, from etrailer but they don't yet have one for the UX.  I suppose you could contact them and ask if there is anything in the works:

You could buy the roof rack cross rails for your UX if you don't already have them and use your choice of bike carrier attachments on them.  I've carried bikes only on hitch racks for the past 30 years but I used roof bike racks for many years before that.  As much as I dislike carrying bikes on the roof, sometimes that's the best way.  I dislike trunk/hatch mounted bike carriers even more due to the damage they can cause.    

Another possibility is to have a receiver hitch custom fabricated.  That can cost substantially more than an off-the-shelf hitch but there are numerous companies that do it.  Torklift near Seattle is one of the most well known nationally that custom fabricates hitches:

It's not unusual that there was a tow hitch sold by Lexus dealers in the UK and Europe from the first day the UX was sold.  It's not shown on the Lexus UK website for the UX but there is also a bike carrier that fits the hitch.  Unfortunately, the UK/Europe tow hitch is not compatible with accessories for U.S. standard receiver hitches. 

For your amusement, the following Lexus UK web page shows the tow hitch and roof bike racks sold for the UX by Lexus dealers in the UK and Europe:





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Here is a response I received from Lexus 2 days ago.
Thank you for contacting Lexus, we regret to hear of your disappointment with not being able to add a tow-hitch on your 2019 UX 200 but do congratulate you on this purchase.
We are sorry; as you are correct we do not offer a tow hitch for your vehicle nor do not have any recommendations to a supplier or source that may. 
However, you may wish to inquire with your local Lexus dealers Parts Department to determine if they offer such a product, as our dealers may carry items that extend beyond the Genuine Lexus Parts and Accessories line. Your local Lexus dealer may be able to provide you with a referral to a company who may offer the product.
That being said still please be aware that Lexus recommends using only Genuine Lexus Parts and Accessories for your vehicle. Non-Genuine Lexus Parts, or any damage or failures resulting from their use, are not covered by any Lexus warranty.
If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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