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Decide which part number is correct for my LS400

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I am buying Gear Assembly, Tilt, with motor for my LS400. On the Lexus website, there are two compatible parts for my car but I don't know which is the correct one. I have not remove the motor from my car yet, but I think there should be a way that I can get the correct one based on the numbers (with your help, of course): 

From 199410 to 199508. 000002 0004 0; UCF20; 4581050020

From 199508 to 199808. 00000100050066 0; UCF20; 4581050030

What do these number mean? Does anyone have any idea?

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I think the 199508 to 199808 are for the manufactured year/month. So, for my 96, it should be 4581050030.

My next  question is: Does the dead tilt motor trigger the SRS light? I ask  because the SRS light has been intermittent lately and the Tilt motor is also ON/OFF intermittently. I think these are separate issue, but it would be nice if they are related so I can kill two birds with one stone.

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Thanks sha4000! I thought so. Last weekend, I removed the cables to power tilt motor but the Airbag light is still intermittent. It stays for a few minutes, then goes OFF. Do you know any ODB reader model than can read SRS on 96 model? I looked up some models and contacted manufactures, I was told Autel MX808 could read it but I don't want to waste time to buy and return. 

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I don't know of any specific models the read airbag codes but autozone reads the codes for free so i would try them first and see what they say. Techstream can read all the ECU codes in the car if you can manage to get it running on a laptop.

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